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International Trading and Services Company  of distinguished companies in the area of coordination.  and cooperation to strengthen ties and joint actions between each of Europe and the Arab world, whether at the level of the individual or corporate.

Our experience over 10 years in ways of dealing and the provision of Services. and confidence of customers is our motto has been established specifically to work in the company to provide commercial services to the Middle East countries as well as those coming to Europe for different reasons, and care for them and miscellaneous services until they return to their country, and give them time and effort and money in time of simple and at minimal cost, to achieve the results of the High.

Commercial offers different, cars, trucks and industrial equipment and equipment for roads and also import goods of all types.

Not only our relations in the area of trade only we also have excellent relations with the hospitals and medical centers in various disciplines, as well as German institutes and universities.

We have been able, thanks to God thanks to our relations wide to make a lot of different services to many of customers who and trust in our work we've dealt.

Save you time, effort and money in less time


For more information you can contact us:

Tel: 00491778382399

Fax: 004961035094549